Hoarding in Hell

Hoarding in Hell

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Tetwisted – Dec 30, 2021

Seems to be another gate/awakener type Manhwa, has a LOT of potential to be good where it’s headed, but I hope it doesn’t fall into the route of Solo Leveling, where he just turns more and more OP without any backlash and/or obstacles. 

The art is great and for now, that’s the only part we can actually review.

LoopsMaster21 – Jan 6, 2022

Hoarding in Hell is great, imagine greed from overgeared was in a solo leveling type genre nothing much to say besides that

DrakeParker – Dec 30, 2021


Kang Hyunmoo is a sewage cleaner who belongs to the lowest denomination of Hunter, a class that isn’t even considered a hero class. He spends his days cleaning in a hazmat suit so he wouldn’t become infected by the mana that resides in the sewage. However after his “father” died he and recieve a dungeon return stone he suddenly finds himself in the future with the words Difficulty: Hell in front of him. 

Slowly he sees the evolved monsters and dies over and over again but with the system assisting him he survives each time, but at this point he doesn’t know if this ability will work in the present day. 

The more he becomes comfortable in this future hell the more abilities he receives as well as more mana crystals which is a valuable commodity, which also gets the attention of several high rankers, but they don’t know where he gets it. 


Hoarding in Hell is a Manga in (English/Raw) language, Action series, english chapters have been translated and you can read them here, fastest updating comic site. The Summary is!

Kang Hyunmoo is a dirt-poor man whose dreams of becoming a hunter were torn apart. But one day, while he was dreaming of getting rich quick, something appeared in front of him… [Difficulty: Hell. You are entering the Star of Apocalypse.] “…What?” He’ll now be monopolizing items and skills in a future Earth overrun with monsters!

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